Life goes on


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“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”Robert Frost

In those moments of true despair, when it feels that we have lost hope for the better, when we have forsaken our passion for life, it’s a bit tricky to look around and see what’s happening to all the others who inhabit your own little story: life does not stop. It goes on. It carries on, no matter what.

And, whether you’re willing to see it and accept it or not, life goes on for you too.

Whether you want it to or not, life goes on. And, slowly, it takes everything away.

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Samsung shares detailed look at Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit in official hands-on videos

Samsung shares detailed look at Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit in official hands-on videos


cant wait to grab mine, i gotta get one for me when all is good

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You’ve probably seen and heard plenty about Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 and Gear wearables by now, but there are still lots of new features to uncover, it turns out. Over the weekend Samsung posted a couple of detailed hands on videos, showing a walkthrough of the Galaxy S5 as well as the Gear 2 and Gear Fit. They’re a little dry, but the videos provide a closer look at the devices, and call to attention some new features that haven’t really been highlighted yet.

As far as the Galaxy S5 is concerned, the video details some of its new camera capabilities at length. It also shows off some features I hadn’t noticed before, like Download Booster, which bonds your LTE and Wi-Fi connections for faster and more stable downloads. Pretty neat. There are some cool new features called out in the Gear videos too, so if you’re interested in either…

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Memorybook: Zehn.



in love wit this its amazing it got me locked in place for a second no movement no wat

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Hallo, ihr Lieben!

Vielen herzlichen Dank für eure lieben Glückwünsche und netten Kommentare zu meinem 30., – ich habe mich wirklich sehr gefreut!

In dem ganzen Geburtstagstrubel habe ich hier quasi nichts so richtig geschafft, aber das verzeihe ich mir selbst einfach mal.

Dennoch: Eine neue Memorybookseite ist entstanden, ganz und gar nicht Geburtstagsinspiriert. Denn ich war neulich mit dem Freund am Meer und habe euch noch gar nicht davon erzählt. Kommt aber noch. Zum Memorybookinhalt verarbeiten kann man das Ganze ja trotzdem schon mal:

memorybook märz 8Zum Einsatz kam hier übrigens auch meine neue Silhouette Portrait Schneidemaschine*, die ich von meinen Eltern zum Geburtstag geschenkt bekommen habe. Ich bin ganz verliebt, konnte bisher aber nur ein bisschen was ausprobieren. Das ändert sich hoffentlich in den nächsten Tagen. Gekauft habe ich mir selbst übrigens auch noch denCanon SELPHY CP810 Fotodrucker*, an dem ich jetzt meine Fotos direkt…

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A Feminist Mix for International Women’s Day

A Feminist Mix for International Women’s Day

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This past Saturday was International Women’s Day , a day to inspire girls and celebrate women’s achievements and, in many countries, an official holiday.

There are many fascinating feminists using to share thoughts on sex, gender, and equality — here are a few of our quirky favorites.

Nursing Clio

On the collaborative blog Nursing Clio — named for Clio, the muse of history — a cast of writers explores issues of gender and medicine, focusing on the ways medicine has historically been used to reinforce sex and gender inequality.

nursing clio

Depending on the day, you might read a dissection of a 1968 Disney-produced film on birth control, an analysis of why women’s ski jumping wasn’t allowed in the Olympics until the Sochi games this year, or an exploration of environmental factors linked to intersex babies.

We also enjoy their tagline, “Because the personal is historical” — a…

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